Enjoying and Celebrating

Our hotel is ideal for celebrations of all kinds. The rustic Ignazstüberl contains up to 45 persons. The festival room can be divided into two rooms and contains up to 110 persons. The snuggery contains up to 20 persons.

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After some years of learning and discovering our young chef Benjamin Reichler has arrived home and would like to spoil you culinarily together with his team. You will find a choice of different meals on our menu - from traditional and hearty Bavarian "Schmankerl" to fine and selected dinners. We offer catering service for up to 50 persons, too.

(You can enlarge the picture if you click on it) Groups that travel by bus can make a halt to enjoy our traditional "Schmankerl" (delicacies) and our fresh Toerring beer. Our friendly staff makes your stay as pleasant as possible and takes care of a quick service. Bus guides and bus drivers eat and drink for free if their groups contain of 30 persons or more.

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